Maureen Aggie Alor

Maureen Aggie Alor has over two years of experience in project management, planning, coordination, and reporting. Currently, Maureen works at Bridge Connect Africa Initiative as a Programs Assistant in Kano State where she focuses on providing women and girls with credible sexual reproductive and Gender-based violence information to inspire them to stay safe and live a healthy life, advocating for policies that change the narrative of women, youth and girls. She has supported the implementation of programs and works plans across many projects such as the YCIA COVID19 campaigns supported by UNFPA, the Empowering Evidence-Driven Advocacy project (EEDA), Jobberman soft skills training, Nazari Mai Zurifi Podcast project, and Accountability for Good Governance in Education (AGGE) project. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

Maureen believes in a world of equity and fairness, which is why she is committed to ensuring that women and girls (the most vulnerable) in rural and urban areas have equal access to the opportunities needed to explore their full potential. Maureen is always looking for opportunities to sharpen her knowledge and skills in policy advocacy, project planning, monitoring, evaluation, communication, and community engagement.