Christopher Atsen Yange

Christopher Atsen Yange is a lawyer, humanitarian and Chief Executive Officer of Build To Help Foundation. He is exceptionally skilled with leadership and adaptability to changing needs of fast-paced and growing companies.

Christopher specializes in corporate law and human rights education for teens and the vulnerable in rural communities in Nigeria. He is a powerful workforce in Build To Help Foundation and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage human rights education for teens, youths and the vulnerable in the society.

With his exceptional skills, he has been able to facilitate the propagation of human rights knowledge and education in Secondary Schools within Kaduna metropolis through active programs.  He founded the first Human Rights Club (HRC) for Secondary Schools in Kaduna State. 

His dedication and quintessential human rights programs led to the recognition of Build To Help Foundation as an outstanding organization in value/moral and peace education at the 2020 International Education Summit and Awards, Bangkok, Thailand.