Fawziyya Zakariyya

Fawziyya Zakariyya is a recent graduate of Ahmadu Bello University who champions the importance of mental health awareness, access, and sexual violence prevention. Fawziyya became passionate about these issues after reading and researching them in her final year of secondary school.

In her bid to contribute towards solving these issues, she started volunteering in her second year of university for organizations and causes that are geared towards working on mental health, prevention of sexual violence, leadership and capacity building.

She has also worked for She Writes Woman mental health initiative, a non-profit dedicated to giving mental health a voice in Nigeria where she provided mental health first aid and other forms of community services. She has gained over three years of experience in administrative support, program management, and program development.

She is currently a Doha Debates Ambassador and a Mental Health Fellow. In her spare time, she loves reading, listening to podcasts, and watching movies & documentaries.