Ibrahim Muhammad Shamsuddin

Ibrahim Muhammad Shamsuddin is passionate for environmental sustainability, social change, transparency and accountability in governance.

He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Break-Free From Plastic Initiative, a youth-led organization established to create awareness on the impacts of improper waste management and breaking biodiversity free from the shackles of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals and the environment.

He also works as a community champion for Connected Development/Follow The Money, an initiative that empowers marginalised communities and holds government accountable,  where he plays a vital role in line with the three (3) CODE thematic areas with regards to Education, Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

Ibrahim has volunteered for other Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria and the world whose motive is to drive positive environmental sustainability and social changes in the globally.

He is an Associate Fellow of the African Teachers Fellowship and has published research works in intentional journals and attended several conferences having 16 citations. He is also a member of the Polymer Institute of Nigeria (PIN).

As nature and landscape photographer, he uses his photography skills to document activities and tell compelling stories to make an impact about nature, biodiversity and environment towards achieving a sustainable development leaving no one behind.