Yazid S. Mikail

Yazid S. Mikail is a Global Changemaker and a youth advocate with a key interest in Climate Action, Transparency and Accountability in governance, social entrepreneurship, SDGs, and Community Engagement for Action.

Yazid has been working professionally in the social development sector for the past 4 years, where he serves in different leadership positions which include, Project Manager, Senior Programs Officer, Community Engagement Officer, PR Specialist, Consultant, Master Trainer, Facilitator, Social Media Lead, and Data Enumerator.

His expertise spans project management, community engagement, excellent proposal and report writing, photography, graphics design, data enumeration, facilitation and content creation. 

Yazid has been trained and engaged by several local, national, and international organizations, development partners and government agencies in the development and review of policies and in some cases resource mobilisation for the implementation of the policy, most recently he was engaged in Nigeria NDC review.

Yazid is a fellow of the United Nations Academic Millennium Fellowship, African Leaders Academy, PRB-Making a different with Multimedia Fellowship, Film as a tool for advocacy on GCED, Acts of Social Entrepreneurs 1.0 and 2.0, and he’s also an active member of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Kaduna-Hub) and a country reporter for The Young Achievers.

Yazid loves volunteering, community involvement, nature photography, research, travelling, and weight lifting. His lifetime goal is to make a positive impact and change the narrative in his community, country, and the world as a whole.