New Climate Policy Advocacy Project Launched by CCF Fellows

Two fellows of the Civic Changemakers Fellowship (CCF), Muhammad Ibrahim Shamsuddin and Yazid S. Mikail, have launched a climate change policy advocacy project named the Climate Alaranma Sustainable Development Initiative.

Shamsuddin and Yazid were 2020 and 2021 CCF fellows respectively, and management staff of Break Free from Plastic Awareness Initiative (BFPAI), a youth-led environmental organization in northern Nigeria. The two fellows are dedicated to raising awareness about the profound impact of climate change and rallying individuals in rural and marginalized communities to take decisive action against its consequences.

Through their work at BFPAI, they have designed and successfully implemented human-centred programs aimed at empowering communities to build resilience in the face of climate change. Their noteworthy projects include “Project 10,000 Trees” in Kaduna, as well as initiatives like “Trees for Schools Projects” and various clean-up efforts. They have also established strategic partnerships to influence the implementation of the Kaduna State Environmental Policy, the Nigerian Climate Change Act, and the National Determined Contributions (NDCs).

The climate advocates, Shamsuddin and Yazid, exemplified their commitment to continuous personal and professional development during their 12-week Civic Changemakers Fellowship training and mentoring in public policy, leadership, civic technology, effective communication and evidence-based advocacy.

The knowledge gained from the fellowship and insights from field activities led them to establish the Climate Alaranma Sustainable Development Initiative. The term “Alaranma,” derived from the local Hausa language, translates to “expert or scholar.” This initiative, building upon the network and projects of BFPAI, specifically concentrates on national environmental policies, including the Climate Change Act and NDCs. It actively engages in policy advocacy and offers professional support to government bodies and multilateral organizations, leveraging BFPAI’s expertise and experience to inform crucial decision-making processes.

Through supporting community champions and youth-led initiatives like the Climate Alaranma Sustainable Development Initiative, the Civic Changemakers Fellowship highlights the significance of collaboration, training and mentoring in creating meaningful change for people.

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