Sunday Akinrelere

Sunday Akinrelere is an accomplished transformational public speaker, published author, and leadership development coach, leveraging his extensive background in education.

With over 10 years of progressive experience in the teaching profession, Sunday stands out as an optimistic, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented educator. He adopts a student-centered teaching approach and consistently demonstrates a positive attitude towards effective pedagogy. Alongside his teaching expertise, Sunday excels in conducting seminars and trainings as a Master Trainer in conferences. He possesses exceptional mentoring abilities, particularly with youth and teenagers.

Sunday also contributes his expertise as a Mentor for the HP Mentor a Teacher (HP MAT) program, operating within the 1 Million Teachers platform in partnership with HP and Girl Rising. His reputation is built upon a proven track record of conducting in-depth research in education, public health, and various other fields.

As the Founder of the Sunday Akinrelere Leadership and Mentorship Initiative (SALEMi) Leadership School, an esteemed online program, Sunday is committed to nurturing and developing young leaders for global relevance and impact. Through this platform, he has successfully trained more than 70 young leaders from over 6 African countries within a year. Additionally, Sunday takes pride in his role as the Convener of The Young Achievers’ Hub, an online educational service and mentorship initiative catering to secondary school students.

Sunday actively advocates for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on goals 3, 4, 8 and 16. He is eager to explore opportunities within these sectors, consistently striving to make a positive difference in these fields.

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